Item: Mandy Male to Female Silcone Face Mask.

Mask is designed for the Transgendered. Stunningly beautiful with natural looking features and sophisticated eye make-up palette.

This mask is so real, you can wear it outside in broad daylight with a wig and people will think you are a woman.

Won't chip, peel, fade or dry rot.Won't create uncomfortable heat build up. More comfortable to wear for long periods. More consistent thickness than the competition. More lightweight and easy to wear.

Eyebrow Style #1

Eyebrow Style #2

Eyebrow Style #3

Eyebrow Style #4

Blue Lens

Brown Lens

Your package will include Female mask with makeup, nylon rope, one pair glass lens and one pair of eyebrows.

Your product will ship in 2-3 weeks.

Price: $ 699.99 plus shipping and handling.




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