The Transgender Employment Resource Page.

In keeping with's concern for your well-being, here are some very useful links that will help you in joining the workforce.

  • Transgender Workplace Diversity Network: Resource Network on transgender workplace diversity for HR managers, diversity professionals, lawyers, transgender employees and allies.
  • Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative (TEEI): Matching dynamic people with sustainable jobs in safe workplaces.
  • Center for Gender Sanity: A refuge from male/female dichotomies, sex-based stereotypes, and other gender madness...They offer a Transitioning on the Job Workshop for transsexual workers.
  • Transgender at Work.: A comprehensive site on transgender issues in the workplace. Includes information on health insurance, restroom access, nondiscrimination policies, employee resource groups, legal protections, and more, plus links to related sites.
  • This is a new employment service for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered workers. Employers and recruiters can post job openings, and job seekers can post resumes. The databases of both can be searched. Employers pay a small fee. Because this service is very new, there are not a lot of postings yet, but it could become a valuable resource for transgendered workers and for employers seeking extraordinary talent.
  • Transition in the Workplace by Diane Wilson: A first-person account of male-to-female transition in the corporate world, by Diane Wilson.
  • Gender Transition in the Workplace: Advice for the Transitioning Employee.: Psychotherapist Anne Vitale, PhD, offers advice to transsexuals contemplating transitioning on the job.
  • The International Journal of Transgenderism: Abstract of "Gender Transition in the Workplace," a presentation given at the XV Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association Symposium, Vancouver, September 1997.
  • Transgenderism and Transition in the Workplace:. An article written for HRC (Human Rights Campaign) by Dana Priesing, Esq. This article provides an excellent outline of things to consider when deciding whether to transition at work, including legal, employment and personal factors; lists the steps to take once you have decided to transition on your job; and gives a good overview of legal issues.
  • Transitions That Work:. Consulting services and diversity training for employers who have transitioning workers.
  • Transsexuals in the Work Place--A Guide For Employers: A short article answering a few questions employers might have. Written by Barbara Chambers/Copeland, reproduced from Gender Expressions Magazine.
  • Transgender Nondiscrimination Statutes: A list of cities and states that have enacted nondiscrimination laws that protect transsexuals, plus lots of other legal information.
  • GenderPac: Employment Discrimination:. Political efforts to end discrimination against transgendered workers.
  • Legal Aspects of Transsexualism:. Sr. Mary Elizabeth's in-depth examination of legal aspects of transsexualism. Includes sections covering employment practices and law in both the military and civilian arenas.
  • Representing Transgendered and Transsexual Clients: An Overview of Selected Legal Issues:. Shannon Minter's overview of laws affecting transgendered people, including a section on employment law.
  • Transgender Law Conference:. The International Conference of Transgender Law and Employment Policy posts relevant news items and makes available the proceedings of its annual conferences.
  • Legal Articles and Documents for Transgendered People:. This transgender legal page includes news, legal documents, speeches and articles from around the world, plus link to other sources of legal information.
  • AEGIS On-Line Library: A list of resources related to transgender employment, including journal articles, books, and legal cases, can be downloaded at this ftp site.
  • Transsexual Workers: An Employer's Guide and Working with a Transsexual: A Guide for Coworkers by Janis Walworth. The most recent and most comprehensive guides -- one for employers and one for coworkers -- to help those who have transitioning or other transgendered workers in their workplace can be ordered online or by mail.
  • The Phoenix Project: Dianna Cicotello (also known as Dana Cole), who has been doing employment coaching and employer education and mediation for transgender workers for over 15 years, offers her booklets, "The Employer's Guide to Gender Transition" and "Changes--A Co-Worker's Guide to Gender Transition," for sale.
  • Creative Design Services:. Publications about transsexualism are can be ordered, including "Medical, Legal & Workplace Issues for the Transsexual" by Kirk Rothblatt, "The Transsexual's Survival Guide II--Family, Friends, Employers" by Stringer, and "True Selves--Understanding Transsexualism" by Brown Rounsley. All have sections relating to employment.
  • Ingersoll Gender Center Catalog of Publications: "The Employer's Guide to Gender Transition" by Cole and "The Transsexual's Survival Guide II--Family, Friends, Employers" by Stringer can be ordered on this page.
  • Translegalities: Attorney Spencer Bergstedt's new book, Translegalities, which is available in two editions--one for male-to-female, the other for female-to-male--can be ordered on this page. It includes a chapter on workplace issues.
  • International Foundation for Gender Education:. IFGE's Synchronicity bookstore, which offers over 70 books on transgenderism and gender, crossdressing, transsexualism, and related topics.


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