Item: Bonny Peach, The Cherry Popper's U.K. Cousin!

The little cousin of Popper and Chaste - also made of very soft pigmented (1st color) silicone, with a vagina that stays moist, never dries out and is just as baby smooth. The redesigned vagina is easily popped on its first use. This prosthetic is thinner than a Popper, but still 100% seamless, and the straps are molded together based upon your measurements - allowing it to fit just like a tight thong.

When you make your purchase we will need your waist size, so that we can custom mold the straps for your measurements. Because silicone stretches so easily, the Bonny Peach can be penetrated through the vagina and into the same pouch as the wearer's penis -- or through the vagina and into the wearer's anus. The Bonny Peach is designed so that the male genitals become a part of the female genitals. "She's a real peach!"
Waist Sizes: 26"-48". Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks. Each piece is custom made to waist size.


Price: $ 289.99 plus shipping and handling