Don't Let Your Masculine Body Aroma Stop You Dead In Your Tracks!

So you are wearing a gorgeous wig, a hot dress and have on flawless makeup. You are walking the feminine walk and talking with your best En Femme voice.

But you smell like a football player!
Deodorants and regular perfumes don't do the trick.

Time For Miglin's PHEROMONE Perfum. The final touch to your femininity.

"Pheromones are hormonal secretions which stimulate a physiological or behavioral response from individuals of the same species."
Quite simply, Pheromones define us to the opposite sex.

Ease Your Natural, Male Scent
and Establish Womanly, Nonverbal Communication With The Men Around You.

Enjoy this wonderful 3.4 oz eau de parfum spray.

Have That Something Special

Remember Body Chemistry Is Everything.


Introductory Price: $ 69.99 plus shipping & handling.

Miglin's Pheromone Dram

This collectible 1/8 ounce miniature purse flacon holds 129 exquisite drops of Pheromone. DAB IT ON ANYTIME!

A balanced blend of 179 rare and natural essences. extract comes from a rare tree in Venezuela, whose tiny ambrette seeds require precise soaking in run before they are ready for extrusion.


Introductory Price: $ 49.99 plus shipping & handling.


Item: WMS1010GMEKI1071- Champagne Rain - Pheromone Scented Candle

"Relaxing scent, arousing power! The Champagne Lights Candle fills the air with pleasant scents while the pheromones release a romantic air about the room. For that added glow of romance!

Price: $ 29.99 plus shipping & handling.


Item: WMS-1152AO-ESE2257- Pheromone Mist - Pheromone Bed & Body Spray Powder

Set the Mood for Love with PHEROMONE MIST Seductive Bed & Body Spray Talc...the Essence of Nature! A natural blend of Aromatic Scents delicately balanced with a fine Talc to capture the Essence of Love! Formulated with Pheromones to enhance Sex Appeal. Scents: Citrus Basil Scent, Ginger Lime Scent and Cucumber Melon Scent.

Price: $ 49.99 plus shipping & handling.





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