Style: DQ-Breast Forms In Silicone Bra

By popular demand, we are now offering breast forms in a wide strap see-through silicone strap bra! This means you no longer need to wear a bra or adhesive to hold up your forms!

These will lay naturally on your chest and you can feel the bounce and heaviness just like real breasts. They have perky dark nipples that look just like the real thing! Adjustable straps will stretch to your body. These forms will fit up to a 44" chest. Three sizes available: B/C, C/D and D/DD.

The Silicone Bra is made of medical grade external silicone to guarantee a lifelike consistency, mobility and touch. You can DO whatever you want: Running, dancing, jumping... your silicone breast bra will always stay where it should, and you don't have to worry anymore that you could "lose your breasts", or that they move to somewhere you don't want them to be.

It's got transparent side and shoulder straps and an adjustable velcro back closure, and therefore can be worn under any kind of clothes without being detected, only you will know.


Introductory Price: $ 139.99 plus shipping & handling.